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CHOICE OF EMISSIONS AND TECHNOLOGY with next generation cat® 315 & 315 GC excavators

Versatile, flexible and easy to transport, small excavators deliver big benefits. Those advantages just got bigger with the Next Generation Cat® Small Excavators 315 and 315 GC now with Tier 3 or Tier 4F options.

The 315 and the 315 GC is a 15-metric-ton excavator, part of Caterpillar’s small excavator lineup, sandwiched between the 13-metric-ton 313 and the 18-metric-ton 317. Both machines are suitable for use in a wide variety of jobs and industries such as grade work, slope work, trenching, loading and utility work due to their compact radius design.

Caterpillar has redesigned every aspect of the 15-ton excavators to deliver better performance and better match customer needs similar to the 20-ton machines, while giving customer more choices, to choose their emissions preference as well as technology options.

Tier 3 and Tier 4 options

Like many other larger Next Gen Hex range, the 315 and 315 GC have the option of a Tier 4F engine, or a Tier 3 Engine that does not require Diesel Exhaust fluid.

The new fuel-efficient Cat C3.6 engine power these two Next Gen small excavators giving improved performance over the previous 315 F model. Both of these engine choices are backed by the Cat Fuel Edge program. With the Cat® Fuel Edge Program, customers will gain certainty on their biggest operating cost. It’s available when a qualifying Cat machine is purchased – with Product link™ enabled – from any participating Cat dealer. If the machine burns more than the committed fuel consumption threshold*, the dealer will give out a parts credit.

The compact design gives operators the confidence to dig, swing and dump in space-restricted jobsites The 315 is 8% more productive than previous model, giving improved fuel efficiency, while the 315 GC can save up to 15% fuel consumption than previous model. New Smart Mode operation automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to working conditions for maximum productivity and ECO mode to save fuel in less-demanding applications.

Performance Gains

The advanced hydraulic system of the 315 and 315 GC excavator provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency to increase productivity over the 315F L. Its new electronic hydraulic valve delivers significant efficiency. A 10% higher swing torque makes working on slopes and around the jobsite much more efficient, and the drive system easily navigates tough ground conditions and slopes with 14% more drawbar pull.

Both machines are suitable for much more than just utility work or on residential sites. These machines are right at home on even large infrastructure jobs and loading trucks. The new electronically controlled hydraulics have made for both faster control response and better controllability on the machines.

To the customer, the benefit with the 315 GC model is that they are getting F-Series level of performance, but now at a lower price point while still getting the big maintenance savings, the big fuel savings and the electro-hydraulic controls. The 315 GC is the new standard model that is reliable, comfortable and productive. It is ideally balanced to deliver performance, maximize operator productivity and offer the lowest cost per machine hour of performance.

But for customers looking for a 10% boost in swing torque that elevates efficiency when working on slopes and moving around the jobsite, the 315 excavator has technology options like the popular Cat Grade with 3D.

Technology Standards and Options

Delivering superior performance and best-in-class productivity for the 15-ton excavators, the Cat 315 comes standard with a host of productivity enhancing technologies to increase operator efficiency by up to 45%. Standard Cat Payload provides on-the-go weighing and real-time payload estimates, so operators can deliver precise load targets every time to improve loading efficiency. Payload can be combined with VisionLink to remotely manage production targets. Critical operating data such as fuel usage, payload summaries and fault codes are tracked by VisionLink to help boost fleet management efficiency.

There is also a range of additional factory fitted options to increase productivity and expand grading capabilities for the 315. Grade 2D can automatically guides digging depth, slope and horizontal distance to quickly and accurately reach desired grade. Increasing safety when excavating in confined spaces, the new 2D E-fence keeps the front linkage within a predefined work area to avoid hazards on the jobsite as well as standard cab avoidance.

For advanced grade demands, Cat Grade with 3D includes an additional 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor which has powerful graphics and customizable 3D views brings the job-site design to life giving operators the ability to hone in on the right perspective, and there is a range of intuitive embedded features to help them be more productive.

The new Cat GRADE with 3D system has the ability for operators to quickly create in-field 2D and 3D designs if a job-site design is not available. This enables customers to utilise Cat GRADE with 3D on smaller projects to build designs such as swale drains, trenches, pads, basement cuts and finishing. The in-field design can use the cutting edge as a survey tool, or operators can input the exact plan, elevation and profile of the design which improves work quality and prevents rework.

The factory 3D option also means operators can start work quickly and safely with no need to install or remove 3D system components and eliminating cable connections adds to the reliability.

Cat GRADE with 3D systems comes with option of a single or dual GNSS receivers securely mounted to provide real-time position and heading of the machine.

For customers that do not need the added technology features for the work they do, they shouldn’t have to pay for something they will never need. If anyone is in the market for a machine that gives a solid performance with the benefit of lower up-front acquisition costs, lower owning and operating costs and unmatched dealer support, then check out the 315 GC.

All-new cab elevates comfort

Both Cat 315 and 315 GC operators will experience a new, 13% larger cab designed with improved ingress/egress to boost comfort and productivity. The full-sized cab offers a low-profile design plus large front, rear, and side windows with narrow cab pillars to offer 40% greater visibility compared to F Series small excavators, enhancing safe operation.

The standard rearview and right-hand-sideview cameras further improve visibility of the operating environment. Owners can also upgrade to 360-degree visibility to easily see objects and personnel around the excavator in a single view. Improved sound suppression lowers interior noise levels to improve operator comfort. Operators can make hands-free calls through the new standard radio’s Bluetooth connectivity for personal devices. Advanced viscous mounts significantly reduce cab vibration compared to previous models, reducing operator fatigue.

Lower Operating Costs

These two models also lowers maintenance costs by up to 25%, making it the right fit for rental, municipal, and general all-around excavating applications requiring dependable performance and low operating costs.

The 315 and 315 GC feature a host of design upgrades that simplify maintenance to deliver up to 25% lower costs than their F-series counterparts. The excavator’s new hydraulic oil filter delivers improved filtration and a 50% longer change interval at 3,000 hours. New anti-drain valves keep the hydraulic oil clean during filter replacement to improve system longevity.

Operators can now conveniently track filter life and maintenance intervals through the in-cab LCD monitor. All daily maintenance checkpoints, including engine oil, are easily accessible from ground level, making it safer.

Cat S∙O∙S system on these machines allows for quick and easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis, simplifying maintenance.

With more standard technology at better price points, a wider range of machines to better match applications, and huge reductions in fuel consumption and maintenance costs, the Next Generation excavator range delivers a better bottom line for all customers.

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