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The best temporary solution for isolating sections of pipelines or channels.

When it comes to civil construction, one of the most critical aspects is managing water flow. Whether it’s in the form of sewage, stormwater, or fresh water, managing water flow can make or break a project’s success. Shore Hire, an Australian family-owned business, has been helping construction companies tackle this issue for years, offering a huge range of blank and bypass plugs for hire.

Shore Hire’s plugs are designed to provide a temporary solution for isolating sections of pipelines or channels. These plugs come in various sizes and are made of high-quality materials to withstand high-pressure flows of up to 150 psi. They are suitable for use in a wide range of construction projects, including tunnelling, pipeline installation, and maintenance, as well as sewage and stormwater management.

The range of plugs available for hire from Shore Hire includes a variety of sizes, ranging from 100mm to 2400mm in diameter. These plugs are easy to install and remove, making them a popular choice for time-sensitive construction projects. Additionally, Shore Hire’s plugs come with an array of features and additional accessories which can be hired out and are designed to make their use as safe and effective as possible.

One of the most impressive features of Shore Hire’s plugs is their bypass capability. This means that the plugs can be used to divert water flow around a blocked section of a pipeline or channel, allowing construction work to proceed while maintaining uninterrupted water flow in other areas. This feature is particularly useful for large-scale construction projects where work must be done while maintaining continuous water flow.

Shore Hire’s bypass plugs come in two different types: pneumatic and mechanical. Both systems are made of high-quality rubber; pneumatic plugs can be easily inserted into a pipeline or channel and inflated to create a seal. Mechanical bypass plugs, on the other hand, use a system of plates and wedges to create a seal which is screwed into place by hand. Both types of plugs are highly effective and easy to use.

Another unique feature of Shore Hire’s plugs is the monitoring equipment which can be hired alongside them. Products such as the low pressure alarm, which sounds an alarm when the plug drops below a certain psi, or the critical air cylinder, which will reinflate the plug for you as you go, particularly useful on longer term hires, add massive value and safety benefits to any plug hire when you go with the experts at Shore Hire.

Shore Hire’s range of blank and bypass plugs have been used in a wide range of construction projects across Australia. Having been used on several critical infrastructure projects such as Sydney’s major Tunnel projects and multiple Waste Management facilities around the country Shore Hire are recognised as the experts in the pipe plugging industry and for good reason.

Shore Hire’s range of hireable blank and bypass plugs are an essential tool for any construction project that involves managing water flow. Their versatility, bypass capability, and customisable accessory kits make them a popular choice for a wide range of projects. With their high-quality construction and ease of use, Shore Hire’s plugs provide construction companies with a reliable solution for managing water flow in any construction project.

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