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Eurocomach 12ZT. Premium performance for the right price.

With so many makes and models of mini excavator available in Australian today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the best value machine which offers premium performance for the right price.

Now, however, Eurocomach Australia has made your decision easy – the new 12ZT 1.2 tonne mini excavator offers the ideal mix of value-for-money, performance, comfort and accessibility for virtually any job site. 

Equipped with a Kubota D722 14 horsepower 3-cylinder Tier 4 engine, the 12ZT offers a superb combination: plenty of power to climb slopes and difficult terrain with ease, yet ultimate fuel efficiency to reduce lifetime operating costs.

The entire design of the 12ZT is simply genius. The zero tailswing body, together with track adaption using an extendable undercarriage 790-1050mm wide, plus only 2.95 metres length and 2.3 metres of height, deliver impressive tight access capabilities for working in areas which many other machines in its class cannot – even indoors.

The driving position has been tailored order to give maximum comfort for the operator. Power-assisted controls, wrist rests and plenty of leg room all combine to ensure all-day comfort and minimise operator fatigue. The swing controls and the auxiliary hydraulic system are controlled by precise and easy-to-use proportional electro-hydraulic rollers positioned on the joystick.

Thanks to its innovative design, the 12ZT’s roll bar mounts are on the back of the machine, allowing the operator to have clear visibility of the entire surrounding area. Safety belts and ROPS / FOPS features ensure maximum safety in the driving position, even in the event of an accident.

Transporting is another of the many strong points of the 12ZT. Thanks to its limited weight, these excavators can also be loaded on low capacity trailers, leaving space for other equipment.

All service components are easily reachable using intelligently design access points under the seat and via rear and side swing doors – minimising service labour time and, ultimately, machine downtime. Moreover, the 12ZT is designed and tested for high performance coupled with constant reliability. The materials use for construction, the selection of parts and components, and the astute design of the structures ensure that the machine can cope with the most trying and demanding working requirements. Of particular note among these many top-quality features are the moulded rotating column, the lifting cylinder protection and the blade that each increase efficiency and durability of the mini excavator.

Contact 1800 EURO MX (1800 387 669) or visit www.eurocomach.com.auto find out more and book your demo today. You’re sure to be impressed!


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