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Keeping your equipment running smoothly

The experts at Viva Energy Australia, Shell Macro Distributor understand that construction work is never easy. Construction workers are often under pressure to meet demanding deadlines —which is why selecting the most appropriate lubricant for the job, or equipment at hand, plays a vital role in maintaining the equipment uptime and keep engines running for longer.

The right engine oil lubricant can improve a machines performance on site and ensure projects run smoothly. While, choosing the wrong lubricant for your engine can cause breakdowns and accrue costly repairs and maintenance, quickly putting the equipment out of service and causing unnecessary downtime on a job.

Shell is one of the most well-recognised oil and fluid brands in the world, and as the exclusive distributor of Shell brand lubricants in Australia, Viva Energy has worked tirelessly to streamline the process of selecting the right lubricant for your equipment.

Whether it’s an earthmover, excavator, tractor-loader, compactor or dump truck, Shell have developed a unique product range that assists operators in ensuring careful management of their engines. When developing a new lubricant, Shell Lubricants undergo rigorous rounds of tests, in the widest possible range of conditions to ensure products are developed for the real world.

The Shell Rimula R4 range are key products for protecting the integrity and efficiency of a machinery’s engine to ensure performance and longevity. As part of the development process for today’s Shell Rimula, based on the API CK-4 engine-oil specifications over 160 million kilometres of road-tests were run, t in the USA, Europe, China, Australia and other markets.*

“During the development process, Shell tests its engine oil formulas exhaustively,” said Dr Jason Brown, Global Technology Manager for Heavy Duty Engine Oils. “We use these tests to improve and refine the additive package and enhance oil performance across its lifetime so that it delivers industry-leading protection from the moment of top-up right through to the next oil drain.”

Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oil uses the most advanced 15W-40 oil technology to create exceptional resistance to corrosion, wear and oxidation while producing lower vehicle emissions. It is versatile enough to provide the convenience of a single oil and suitable for virtually all engine ages and vehicle types, while reducing engine emissions.

Protecting the performance of exhaust emissions control systems is not only important to ensure that equipment comply with legislative requirements, but it also ensures efficient operations. For example, blocked diesel particulate filters (DPF) can increase fuel consumption. Shell Rimula R4 L is formulated with reduced levels of ash and sulphur to help maintain the efficiency of the latest technology.

The Shell Rimula R4 range allows construction operators to plan for engine maintenance cycles with confidence that the highest quality lubricants are being used to optimise engine performance in line with OEM requirements. Operators should also refer to OEM product manuals guidelines to understand recommended service intervals. Some equipment may have a service interval of 200 hours, while others may be up to 500— regardless, it is best practice to keep ahead of service intervals to ensure equipment is operating at peak performance level.

Businesses seeking real time support can receive a free consult on what lubricant is optimal for their engine through the Viva Energy Technical Help Desk (Shell Lubricant Specialists). For the more digitally savvy, the Shell LubeMatch and Shell LubeAnalyst digital tools allow customers to input the details of their equipment and access detailed lube matching information, as well as survey and monitor their engine health.

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*Industry Report 2020 – Shell Rimula: How Shell makes engine oil last longer: the science behind improved ODI


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