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Meeting Demands with Quality and Reliability

As one of the Gold Coast’s fastest growing equipment hire companies, Ace Rental has found a niche in supplying products hard to find elsewhere, as well as quality, on-time conventional equipment to a demanding work sector.

In the 20 years since Ace Rental was founded by Company Director, Mick Sheldon, it has built a strong reputation for its reliability. “If there is one thing I have learnt it’s that this is a service-oriented industry – anyone can offer equipment for hire, however, not everyone can offer quality equipment at an affordable price, as well as customer-tailored solutions.”

One of Ace Rental’s Volvo ECs, complete with a Doherty D-Lock Tilt hitch.

As part of a team of 32, Fleet Manager Dave Keane oversees a diverse assortment of machinery – excavators, graders, backhoes, water trucks, posi-tracks, a bulldozer, a compactor, as well as traffic management items. Operating predominantly in southeast Queensland in both the commercial and residential subdivision field, Mick says that in addition to their varied fleet of equipment, the skill level of their machine operators is extensive. “We have managed to employ staff that are extremely talented in what they do. Our clients are rest assured that when they hire equipment from Ace Rental, not only do they get a state-of-the-art late model, but also a highly skilled operator to suit.”

Ace Rental’s Volvo EC fitted with Doherty D-Lock Tilt hitch getting put to work by Nulla Contracting.

Ace Rental pride themselves on maintaining a five-year turnaround on their equipment which keeps them up to date with all the latest technology. Mick considers this to have changed significantly in his years of operation, particularly the inception of 3D GPS which they now run on much of their gear. A five-year changeover of machinery also keeps Ace Rental in line with pollution requirements – another growing movement in the industry – ensuring all machines offered to customers operate with controlled emissions. Mick adds, “Because the price of fuel has skyrocketed in recent years, we now need to take that into consideration when purchasing machinery. It’s why we run three new Volvo EC machines as they have one of the best fuel burns on the market,” – all of which come equipped with tilt hitches from Doherty Couplers and Attachments.

Ace Rental’s hire packages are on point.

Doherty D-Lock Tilt hitches have been fitted to all excavators in Ace Rental’s fleet, from 13.5T up to 30T machines. “We have tried a few different brands; however, Doherty has been the most reliable and most durable.” Mick’s customers agree – while working on subdivisions in Windaroo and Coes Creek, Paul Ciesiolka, Managing Director of Nulla Contracting praised their Ace Rental package, “We find the Volvo excavators paired with the D-Lock Tilt hitches to be extremely versatile due to the ability to switch over attachments quickly, as well as being low maintenance and cost effective.”

Ace Rental’s Volvo EC fitted with Doherty D-Lock Tilt hitch getting put to work by Nulla Contracting.

As the ever-changing world is affecting all industries, Ace Rental continues to face the challenges head on. Their dedication to remaining current with advancements in technology, together with their consideration for environmental standards and escalating fuel prices, ensures their valued customers receive not only exceptional equipment but also peace of mind.  

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